Tuesday, January 28, 2014

OK, finished the Table Topper added the binding but it was too bright white and made the center of the quilt look like dirty white. So I took it to the fabric store with me to match the green writing in the print. Got it home and the green is lighter and brighter in home lighting. What to Do

I posted this on Celebrate Hand Quilting asking if I should try something else. Response was overwhelmingly to leave the green. I hope my daughter likes it.

Friday, January 24, 2014

IT IS DONE!  My first hand quilted item is done:} Last night I put in my last stitch at 11:30PM
Now I just need to bind it today and wash. I will take a picture after it is bound and post it. Now on to my hubby's quilt. It is all cut out and I started piecing the top on Wednesday. I was hoping to get the piecing done by Saturday but not sure that will happen since I need to get groceries in and run some errands. I will have it done by next Saturday.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

This year sure has been busy. I haven't been able to quilt much. My sister Donna and I did get the backing replaced on the quilt we were hired to repair. I am now working on a few small projects for the Port Orange Family Days the first of march.

These are the latest Microwave Bowl cozies:

I made this one for my granddaughter, Jada since she loves pink, but when she saw the black and white she chose it.

This one is for my mom.

This one is the one Jada chose so I guess I will sell the pink one at the Port Orange Family Days.
I also have been trying some different soft glasses case designs to use the extra 8 or 9 inch of  fabric from the bowl cozies.
Tomorrow I plan on getting my sewing table and cutting counter organized so I can accomplish more.
This weeks goal is to finish the binding on the repaired quilt and make some more glass cases. I hope to finish the binding so I can concentrate on finishing the hand quilting on my daughters table topper.