Saturday, February 15, 2014

Well, best laid plans and all that. Was making great progress but then I had to stop since my hubby's terminal cancer decided to progress to the point of calling Hospice. Hospice has been a blessing to us as they deal with ordering medication and the insurance company. Today I hope to get sometime to work on the quilt some more.  I also started quilting the outline of a bunny printed on a piece of white cloth. Haven't decided if it will be a table runner for Easter, or a baby blanket. This gives me hand work while I am watching TV or waiting at the doctors office. I will try to post a picture tomorrow to show you the bunny and the slow progress so far. I seem to not be able to keep my stitches as even on curves as I do on straight lines so I have removed most of the stitches and started over.

Until tomorrow, have a blessed day.

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