Monday, March 17, 2014

Saturday Quilting

I spent my Saturday sandwiching my hubby's quilt, getting ready to machine quilt. Hand quilting is out because of time constraints. He has however rallied some so I am feeling positive he will be around for a few more months instead of days. 
Ann and the granddaughters came to sit with hubby while I went to get backing fabric last weekend. I bought a nice beige that matched the background in all the fabrics. Argh, I miss calculated the yardage and came up short. I did have some of the front fabric left over and could of pieced the back but I am so over this homespun fabric the thought sent me back to original idea for backing. A sheet I had stuck back for using in a scrap quilt. It is off white with pink squares which isn't a great match but better than waiting another week or two for someone to come sit with hubby. By then I would have given up on it and cried. So a sheet it is going to be.
As I was pin basting I realized I was not going to have enough pins, another setback.

I was not going to quit so I hand stitched the basting. I had never done this before so doesn't look pretty. Can't see much of it anyway the in picture.

My intention was to quilt it Sunday, and bind it Monday and Tuesday. That's not going to happen. Had quilt on the machine and ready to go when I got a call from a family member about a problem. After that call I was depressed so watched a movie and bummed around most of the day. Today is mostly gone and I have accomplished nothing quilt wise. Hoping tomorrow is a more positive day and progress will continue on hubby's quilt.
Until later, keep quilting.


  1. How goes the progress? Hope your mood has improved and you have continued in your determined efforts to get this sweet project quilted! PS. As a wordpress blogger... You are a no reply blogger when leaving your lovely compliments on my blog. Send me a reply be email so I can keep in touch!

    1. Sorry, I am new to this blogging. I will see if I can figure out how to fix that problem. Can't seem to figure out the e-mail thing from here either.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such a positive message. Your quilt is beautiful and you hubby and family is blessed. It seriously is okay to sit around and do nothing on some days. Praying you have a blessed day today!