Friday, April 4, 2014

Haven't posted for sometime. Hubby has been having more bad days than not lately so to exhausted to post and quilt much.
This little Easter Bunny is what I am working on right now. I am hand quilting around the bunny and then either echo quilt or cross hatch the background.

I even quilted around his bowtie and I plan on doing his eyes, nose and mouth. I plan to do some detail stitching in his overalls.

The backing is little white flowers on a soft spring green background, however this picture distorted the colors.

I am using a white thread for the quilting. I haven't decided what he will be yet, a wall hanging, a table topper or baby blanket. I also have a little girl Easter Bunny panel the same size. I haven't decided if she will be a separate quilt or to combine the two. Time will tell.
I have about a dozen UFOs, all small, so I think I should finish those up. They will be good to practice hand quilting on. I also have to start and finish my daughter, Ann's rag lap quilt which she has been waiting on since last summer. I hate making rag quilts so I keep procrastinating. I didn't know I hated making rag quilts at the time I promised it, but after making her two daughters one each I realized I hate making them. My other granddaughter wants her quilt as a rag quilt but I am going to try and find a great shabby chic pattern that is not ragged and hopefully convince her it is better.  Anyone have suggestions. She will be 19 this July and she loves shabby chic design. The fabric I have for her quilt is "Paris Flea Market" by Two Sisters.
Until next week. Keep on Quilting.


  1. Looks like a fun project to put you in the Easter mood, Debbie! Love the look of the hand quilting!

  2. Thank you Lorna. I am enjoying it.