Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Toy

New Toy for Quilting

Last week I received my new quilting toy, an Acuquilt. Cutting fabric for quilts is one of the least favorite things I do when quilting so I have been longing to buy an Acuquilt Go ever since I saw one. I had a little money extra so I went ahead and bought one along with some dies to cut with. Wouldn't have done much good to have the Acuquilt without the dies. LOL The die I wanted to use first was the Tumbler so when the packages arrived I excitedly unpacked everything, called my quilty friend Kathi and invited her to come play with my new toy. She couldn't make it so I thought I would just try the tumbler die out with some scrap material. I had watched numerous videos on youtube so I felt I would have no problem. How sad was I when I opened the die package and found there was no cutting mat included with the die. :(  I was so disappointed I packed it up and put it out of site until I could get the mats to fit the dies I had purchased. Keep in mind these dies are not cheap and no where on the description did it tell you *Cutting Mat Not Included. The next morning I was over my aggravation so ordered the mats I needed and hopefully they arrive . Hopefully the expense is worth what I originally thought.
My intention in all this was to speed up my ability to make quilts in memory of my husband for those in Hospice care. If that happens I will be most happy to have spent the money.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Horses and Flowers


Horses and Flowers

These are the micro wave bowl cozies I made for the Festival in Pierson Florida.

The Festival was held to promote and raise money for a new rescue horse farm.

Made some soft glass cases to sell too.

The day was a bust :( for my sister and I. We made a whopping $8. The Horses fared much better. The booth rental and food vender money went to the non profit so all was not a loss. I do fear no venders will return for the next one. This was the first year for them and they were not very organized or experienced at promotion and advertisement.
I will be selling the eyeglass cases and bowl cozies on my Etsy and Ebay sites as soon as I get the time to list them. My shop name on Etsy is "Daytona Damsel" and on Ebay it is Debbie12650

This is an Angel's Trumpet planted in a pot that is to small. Jim started it from a six inch stick a little over a year ago. It needs trans planted badly but I am not a gardener or yard work person So I keep procrastinating. My grandson will be here next week so I will enlist his help with it.

Jim never lived to see it bloom. The day he went into the Hospice facility there was one bloom on it but he was not aware of it. Four days later he died and so did that one bloom.

The day I took these pictures there were eight blooms! They smell wonderful. Seeing that sight made me smile this morning. What a beautiful gift of hope and light. Thank you God, and thank you Jim. Those blooms remind me that life truly goes on after death.
Now back to Quilting.