Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Toy

New Toy for Quilting

Last week I received my new quilting toy, an Acuquilt. Cutting fabric for quilts is one of the least favorite things I do when quilting so I have been longing to buy an Acuquilt Go ever since I saw one. I had a little money extra so I went ahead and bought one along with some dies to cut with. Wouldn't have done much good to have the Acuquilt without the dies. LOL The die I wanted to use first was the Tumbler so when the packages arrived I excitedly unpacked everything, called my quilty friend Kathi and invited her to come play with my new toy. She couldn't make it so I thought I would just try the tumbler die out with some scrap material. I had watched numerous videos on youtube so I felt I would have no problem. How sad was I when I opened the die package and found there was no cutting mat included with the die. :(  I was so disappointed I packed it up and put it out of site until I could get the mats to fit the dies I had purchased. Keep in mind these dies are not cheap and no where on the description did it tell you *Cutting Mat Not Included. The next morning I was over my aggravation so ordered the mats I needed and hopefully they arrive . Hopefully the expense is worth what I originally thought.
My intention in all this was to speed up my ability to make quilts in memory of my husband for those in Hospice care. If that happens I will be most happy to have spent the money.

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