Monday, June 30, 2014

Moving Along the UFO Trail

Moving Along the UFO Trail

You would think Tebow was the one who did all the work today. LOL But it was me who made some headway on UFOs. Maybe he is tired from following me from place to place. You see in my current home I have no sewing room and little space so my sewing machine is on the dining table, Accuquilt on breakfast bar and cutting table is on the front screened porch. Oh, I hand sew and quilt in the recliner in the living room. The end of the month I move to my new home which will have a sewing room. Yippee!
Until then I am a traveling quilter I guess.
On to what I accomplished today. I made this scrappy baby quilt top last year from fat quarters and scraps then put it aside to make something else. What the something else was I can't remember. Today I added a border and sandwiched it for quilting.
Sunday I bought backing for this and another baby quilt so I could start making a dent in some UFOs. I ended up not using the backing I bought and used some pale yellow flannel I had instead. It is sandwiched and ready for me to try my first free motion quilting on. Wish me luck. You won't see basting thread or pins because I used some leftover batting I bought that you iron on. It is ok, but starts to let go if you maneuver it much. I add a few pins to the edge to help prevent that. I don't think I will buy it again.

Next up is the flag wall hanging I have been working on. As I talked about in previous posts I am gifting this to the Hospice Chaplin who was a blessing to us when my husband was dying.

Finished sewing down the binding today and it is ready for washing. I hope to give it to him this week.

Doesn't sound like much when I write it down but I also did some laundry today and made some calls where I had to hold after 5 minutes of pushing numbers.  Anyway, I am happy with what I accomplished and plan to start the free motion quilting tomorrow as well as bind another baby quilt that has been waiting for over a year and sandwiching the other baby quilt I bought backing for yesterday. I will be hand quilting the last one.
Sound ambitious? Does to me, but I need to stretch myself and quit sitting here feeling useless and lonely without my husband. I also will be packing and moving in a couple weeks so I need to get in some quilting before then.
Check back to see if I met my ambitious goal.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Flag Wall Hanging


Flag Wall Hanging Coming Along

All done except for the binding, I think. Still not sure if I need morequilting. When I first saw this picture after uploading I was upset because I thought the top tumblers were not lined up. Then I realized it was the white chevron on the edge of the right tumbler that was blending in with the background thus making it look off in the picture. LOL. I know, I am my worst critic.
I know I am suppose to be blogging about learning to hand quilt but sometimes time restraints get in the way. That is the case here, so I used my domestic machine to quilt.

I love the wavy stitching. Hopefully it will add to the effect of the flag waving in the breeze. That is what this pattern is intended to depict.

I will live with it one more day and then decide whether to add more quilting or not then bind.
What do you think, More or leave it?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Piecing Finally Done

Piecing finally done on my Flag Quilt

A lot of seam ripping and putting down for a few days produced this quilt top. There is still a mistake but I am not ripping it out. Can you see it?
My next decision is to add a border or not. I bought this dark blue with stars to add a border but now I am not sure.

The quilt is for the Chaplin at the Hospice facility where my husband spent his last days. The Chaplin is a former Air Force Chaplin and he did a beautiful military recognition for Jim while he was there previously so I felt this would be a fitting gift for him. The top measures 30 X 45. I am leaning towards no border. Comments and suggestions  please.

Next up is the table runner I have been practicing hand quilting on. Definitely qualifies as slow stitching. If I could figure out how to link up to Kathy's slow stitching Sunday I would.


How was your week?

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Test Driving My New Toy

Test Driving My New Toy

I received the mat for my Acuquilt tumbler die this week and my friend Kathi cheered me on to test drive my Acuquilt today. I want to document my first experience so hear goes.
Please excuse the blurry pictures. My good camera broke and all I have is this cheap one. Camera shopping tomorrow.
Acuquilt suggest you cut strips of fabric 1/4 inch wider than the die outline and fan fold up to six layers. I am a fat quarter junky so I was using them in this quilt for the red and blue. The white is yardage so I did cut it into strips.

First I ironed each fat quarter before cutting.
Then I lined the cut edge up 1/4 inch from far side and top side. The fold was toward me. This was only two layers thick as they instruct you to test the fabric cut two layers first.
Then I placed the mat on top. Note the excess fabric is trailing out the back.

Then push the whole shebang up against the roller and crank.


This left a scrap where the fold was so I opened it up, trimmed the scraps and had enough for another tumbler.

Little waste with the accuquilt. :)

20 minutes later I had 68 tumbler pieces and that included ironing each fat quarter before I cut it.

 My opinion of the Acuquilt? "It's the best thing since ice cream." LOL. I will definitely recommend the Acuquilt. It is pricey for the cutting dies but what a time saver. I will be knocking out more quilts now. I have put off making bed size tops for quilts because I hate cutting them and it is hard on my back standing and cutting for hours. My sister sits and cuts but I find that awkward.

I am making a tumbler flag wall hanging with these pieces so check back to see my progress.

Until then, Keep On Quilting.

The Daytona Damsel