Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Flag Wall Hanging


Flag Wall Hanging Coming Along

All done except for the binding, I think. Still not sure if I need morequilting. When I first saw this picture after uploading I was upset because I thought the top tumblers were not lined up. Then I realized it was the white chevron on the edge of the right tumbler that was blending in with the background thus making it look off in the picture. LOL. I know, I am my worst critic.
I know I am suppose to be blogging about learning to hand quilt but sometimes time restraints get in the way. That is the case here, so I used my domestic machine to quilt.

I love the wavy stitching. Hopefully it will add to the effect of the flag waving in the breeze. That is what this pattern is intended to depict.

I will live with it one more day and then decide whether to add more quilting or not then bind.
What do you think, More or leave it?

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