Sunday, June 15, 2014

Piecing Finally Done

Piecing finally done on my Flag Quilt

A lot of seam ripping and putting down for a few days produced this quilt top. There is still a mistake but I am not ripping it out. Can you see it?
My next decision is to add a border or not. I bought this dark blue with stars to add a border but now I am not sure.

The quilt is for the Chaplin at the Hospice facility where my husband spent his last days. The Chaplin is a former Air Force Chaplin and he did a beautiful military recognition for Jim while he was there previously so I felt this would be a fitting gift for him. The top measures 30 X 45. I am leaning towards no border. Comments and suggestions  please.

Next up is the table runner I have been practicing hand quilting on. Definitely qualifies as slow stitching. If I could figure out how to link up to Kathy's slow stitching Sunday I would.


How was your week?


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    1. Oops! Some how I deleted my comment! I'm with you in not ripping out what you see as a mistake, they give a quilt personality, in my opinion! As for adding a border, I am with you for no border but...IF I decided I was going to add a border I would do white with a scrappy red and blue binding.

    2. Decided on the blue binding, no border. Thanks for viewing my blog and sharing your opinion.