Sunday, July 13, 2014

Slow Stitching Week

Slow Stitching Week

This week has been a week of slow stitching. I originally was going to free motion machine quilt this baby quilt. Well, no matter how many times I watch how to videos and read books about it, I can't seem to do an acceptable job. When I finally got my stitches shorter than an inch I turned over to the back and had a mess of long weird stitches. So I gave up and decided to try another method I wanted to learn, Big Stitch/Utility quilting with Perle Cotton.

 This is the quilt. Made from scraps of baby fabric, some very large, some small. I decided to stitch each block differently.

 An X on this large block. 
Outline on this narrow block.
I did this block first. That was a mistake because it was very hard to get the needle through so I gave up for awhile, deciding I didn't like this way of quilting either. But the next day I gave it another try and surprise, surprise I started to enjoy it.

This is my favorite, a heart. Hard to see the stitches I know.

The other UFO project I have been working on is the binding on this baby quilt. I made the top over a year ago at my first quilt lesson.

The pattern is called Yellow Brick Road. I made the top using 6 Fat Quarters. The back and binding was yardage.

I took out some rows of stitching, (This was machine quilted, straight line with walking foot.) because the were not done very well. I do not think it has enough stitching now so I am going to add some more.

My sewing machine has this cute leaf on a vine stitch so I thought I would use it to quilt the border since the block fabrics remind me of ferns in a garden. I did a couple of wavy lines of this stitch to depict vines growing up a wall. I might add one more line. Not sure until I see the added quilting.
So that is what I have been up to this week.
Next Sunday I am headed to Ohio to visit with my sisters and play tourist. I hope I am able to finish the binding at least before I go.
Until next time, Keep On Quilting.