Sunday, August 17, 2014

Slow Stitching and Packing

Slow Stitching and Packing


Went to Ohio at the end of July for a visit with family, then on the morning after I arrived home, I found out I was closing on my condo August 18th. So I have been quite busy and not able to post in almost a month.
I wasn't able to smuggle my quilting tools onto the plane in my carry on so I haven't been stitching much. I did find some beautiful quilts while traveling.
This is some quilts hanging in Der Dutchman restaurant in Berlin, Ohio. I love the red one. Anyone know the name of the pattern?

Out front of the restaurant was a beautiful garden of flowers laid out in a quilt pattern. I could not get high enough to see the pattern clearly but the restaurant had a picture on the table of overhead which really showed it off.
Well I am suppose to be showing my Sunday slow stitching so here it is.
I am still working on the baby quilt that I am learning to big stitch on.  Notice the blocks are different shapes and sizes. I got this free pattern off someone's blog. Sorry I can't remember to credit that person.

Because of the mix of shapes and sizes I decided to stitch a different pattern in each block. Some are hearts, flowers, lines, squares, even some butterflies.
I must admit that I didn't like this quilting with big stitches and perle cotton. However, as I went along it grew on me. I like seeing the stitches and the shine the perle cotton gives off.
Stitching is really slow this week because I am packing and scheduling movers and painters.
The last thing to pack is my sewing/dining room.
I have started packing some fabric, but I keep thinking I might need something. Guess I will have to get down to it tomorrow because closing is Tuesday and family will be here Wednesday to help me paint. There won't be time then to pack.
Soooooooooo, not much stitching will be going on for a couple of weeks. Check back then and I will have some pictures of my new sewing room. Until then, blessings and peace.