Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Art and Craft Sale Season Begins

Art and Craft Sale Season Begins

In Florida Art and Craft sales begin in the Fall and my sister and I have our first one this weekend. I have been trying to rebuild my stock but not having fully unpacked and a sewing room not set up it has been a challenge.
These containers were in the future sewing room. I moved them into the dining area so I could move around in the room and remove the carpet.
This is my future sewing room Don't you love the mid 80s brown carpet. This picture makes it look good. I don't think it has been cleaned since it was installed in 1986.
I am still sewing on the dining room table. :(
Even though I haven't found my cutting ruler and a few other essentials I still am facing the craft sale deadline so I am making do.
These microwave bowl cozies are our biggest sellers.
We also sell table runners, mug rugs, etc.
This past weekend I stumbled across this cute table topper pattern and tried it out. It was simple and fun to make. I started the quilting but I didn't like the pattern so I put it aside to revisit later.
I had the red and green fabric in my stash and the poinsettia fabric was in a bunch of fabric I bought at a garage sale.
I had so much fun making the Christmas table topper I decided to make another one.
This picture came out hazy for some reason.
I would like to make a Halloween table topper out of some Jack o lantern fabric that was in the same lot as the poinsettia fabric but that means buying some coordinating backing fabric and I am fasting from fabric stores until October first. LOL Maybe I can dig through some more bins and find something.
And last but not least, the big stitch baby quilt. It is almost done. One side of sashing to stitch and binding to go.
I will get this baby quilt done by this Sunday. I promise. :}




  1. I love that Christmas table topper! Very cheerful!

  2. I totally understand about sewing on the dining room table.

    I actually have my sewing machine on the workbench in the garage and I stand to sew. It is good for my back.

    Lovely work!