Monday, October 27, 2014

Floor is Down Dust is Everywhere

Floor is Down Dust is Everywhere

Saturday my son finished installing the floor in my quilting/guest room. Look at the dust!! I am allergic to dust. Cough, cough.

There was no place to put the big furniture like my computer cabinet so he had to shift things around as he worked.
I had moved my fabric and sewing machine to the dining room so they were protected. Imagine my dismay when I walked in to check on progress and saw a stack of fabric sitting covered with dust. :( Guess there is some pre-washing and ironing going to happen soon.
My old vacumn cleaner has a bag and the bags are getting scarce as hen's teeth. I ended up having to order on Ebay. They were suppose to be here Friday but that didn't happen. According to tracking it will be today. Until they arrive I have closed the door to that room. I dread cleaning up that fine dust. If you missed my previous postings, the dust is construction dust from under the carpet which was original from 1986. Apparently builders just lay the flooring over the dust and debris.
As for quilting. My Thanksgiving runner was suppose to be finished but once again the quilting gods were against me. I was finishing sewing down the binding and what did I discover? I missed about an inch of catching the top under the binding when machine stitching the binding down, Keep in mind I had finished hand stitching all the binding to the back before I discovered it. So it is in the "deal with some other day, month or year" pile. LOL
And the never ending baby or lap quilt saga continues. As I stated in an earlier post, I originally straight line machine quilted this, didn't like it, ripped it out and started big stitch quilting with pearle cotton thread. I didn't like that either. Sooooooooo, I am thinking of machine wavy stitching. What do you think? I am really getting frustrated with this and want to finally finish.
So, if you can give me ideas I would love to hear from you. Even if have no idea, just to say hi.


  1. I love your "deal with it another day" pile idea. I have those too! I hate being out of my "comfort zone" ie usual sewing space when my house is torn apart or things are shifted out of their spots. Hang in there and remember the smell of salt air, the sound of the waves and that I'm not at the beach! LOL

    Stuck in very dusty, corn and bean harvesting, Indiana.


  2. Like Dee who commented before me, I love your "deal with it another day" pile. I need to remember that.

    I get frustrated if I have a project that is not turning out how I expected it. I think I would go with the wavy machine quilting.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I think the wavy lines will be the way to go too. I will post the finished project when done. Debbie