Friday, October 10, 2014

Presentation with Thanks

Presentation With Thanks

I finally presented the Flag Quilt To the Hospice Chaplin. It was a little hard going back to the Hospice Facility where Jim died but the Chaplin was so overwhelmed with gratitude that I forgot all about the sadness.

He insisted I get in a picture with him. Did I tell you I hate getting my picture taken. :(

Now that has been taken of my list of to dos I can start on another item I have put off until tomorrow? :)

In my last post I said I had sworn off fabric shops for October but now it was November so I could go to a fabric store. Well I am brain dead because I didn't realize it wasn't November yet, no way near. I think it was September that I swore off fabric shops at least I hope so because I went to Joann Fabrics today to get that Pearle cotton thread I needed to finish the baby quilt and look what I bought:

I also bought these cute pumpkin buttons to add to my table runner.

Isn't it cute?

Ignore those toes. LOL

Are you making anything for Halloween? If so, please send me a picture.



  1. So happy he insisted on a pic with you in it too! Such a beautiful wall hanging... love your haul and those buttons are perfect on that darling table runner... I need to add some halloween fabric to my stash! lol Kathi

  2. Thanks Kathi. The Halloween fabric was some more of the garage sale haul that had the Christmas fabric. I was fun making the runner. Thanks for visiting my blog.