Sunday, October 5, 2014

Quilting and Craft Sales

Quilting and Craft Sales

Well the craft sale was a bust. The rain held off but the humidity was awful. I think I lost 10 pounds of water weight. Hopefully a little fat came out with it. I was so wrung out I came home, showered and immediately fell asleep in my recliner. Then had to go back on Sunday. Results, broke even on site rent, lost money in over all expense. As my sister said, "We gave away our items." I am rethinking this craft show thing.
As for the quilting, not  much progress. 
This table topper won't talk to me.
The Christmas table topper is a thorn in my side. Several people have told me to let it talk to me; it will tell me how to quilt it.
I tried the cross hatch but soon found I didn't like it so out it came. (above picture) Then I tried hand stitching around the poinsettias. (below)

Not sure I like what it is saying.

Not liking it either. So the topper is put aside until it speaks to me or I banish it to my UFO bag and forget it.
As for the Big Stitch baby quilt? Still not done. It would have been if I had not run out of pearle cotton. Remember I swore off fabric stores for the month of October? But now it is November. Fabric stores here I come. :)



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