Thursday, October 30, 2014

Stitching Times Two

Stitching Times Two

Today I have been switching between hand quilting and machine piecing. This first piece is a table runner I pieced before I knew about needles, batting and fabric for quilting. It was a stitch and flip and I ran out of fabric for the border so it only had borders on the top and bottom. My friend Kathi over at KC Originals found more of the fabric I was using for the border and gifted it to me. Thanks my friend. I also decided to add some hand quilting for practice and interest. So off came the binding and border and I started the quilting. I used a stencil to put the design down the center and then I am free handing the echo on the sides. The free hand stitches are hard to see.
(I still haven't gotten a new camera)
The second project is a Tumbler Flag wall hanging I am doing for the Hospice Chaplin who ministered to my husband and family while my husband was in the Hospice facility. In yesterdays post I demonstrated cutting the pieces out on my new acuquilt. Today I started piecing the top but kept getting interrupted by visits from grandchildren. :) 

So, either I will finish piecing tonight or I will take it to finish the piecing at my LQS Tuesday UFO gathering.
Hope you had a relaxing and Blessed Sunday.

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