Sunday, November 16, 2014


 I have finally finished my "Big Stitch Quilt" and named it "This and That."

The pattern is an eclectic scrap pattern I found on the internet. I cannot remember where so I can't credit the person.
It is made with large scraps cut different sizes and shapes and backed in a soft yellow flannel.
I big stitch quilted with a natural color pearle cotton thread in various patterns through out.

and several others 
To finish it off I stitched butterflies around the border.
The yellow is not bright as it shows in this picture. It is a soft baby yellow.

I have come to realize this week that my brain retired when my body did so I do not remember when I started this project.  I know it was before I moved in August. I actually finished this in October but didn't settle on the binding until last week. Since this was a scrap quilt I didn't want to buy fabric to bind it. I have dug through my containers of fabric looking for something that would work several times and had no luck. Storage bins are not the best for storing fabric in my opinion.  
I spent a day last week sorting my fabrics, folding and arranging on shelves in my finally finished quilt room (Pictures to come in a future post.) when I ran across more of the blue fabric I used in the quilt. There was more than enough for the binding. Yipeee. I immediately got out my Accuquilt and cut, ironed and machine sewed on the binding in less than five minutes. Did I say I love my Accuquilt. :) What a timesaver for someone who hates cutting fabric.

I then spent Saturday hand sewing the binding down to finish.

I also made this bowl cozy set for my sister in Ohio.


I still have a couple small bowl cozies she ordered for Christmas gifts to make this week, a table runner to finish for Thanksgiving, stockings for my daughters family (started last year) and a Christmas quilt to start quilting.  This week should be busy.

Have a blessed week my friends.




  1. An Accuquilt is a gadget that cuts out the shapes of fabric. I absolutely love it. Recently I purchased the diie for rag quilt squares. No sniping all those edges. Yeah. Go to to see one. They also have videos as well.

  2. At first, I thought your quilt was improv pieced (I love improv). It's a great pattern, and the bright yellow and hand quilting are awesome!

    1. Thank you DaisyLiz for your kind words. I didn't follow the pattern exact so a little bit of improve there. It was fast and easy and a great way to use those big pieces up. Debbie

  3. I too thought it was improv pieced -- I like the randomness of it -- wonderful way to use up the hunks laying around!

    1. Yes, I have a stack of hunks laying around again so I am thinking of doing a random pieced lap quilt. Thanks for visiting my blog. Debbie

  4. Beautiful quilt and gorgeous quilting!

    1. Thank you Denise, I appreciate your king thoughts. Debbie