Monday, December 22, 2014

Great end to a bad week and a finish

When I woke Saturday morning and took Tebow out for his morning constitution I was energized. The sky was blue, the temperature was 75 degrees and I could smell the salt water. It was hard to sit still long enough to do my devotions because yesterday I got the call to pick up my sewing machine from the repair shop and I was ready to get back to quilting. You see my week had been a bad one and I was ready to do some relaxing.

My week went bad on hump day Wednesday. I was getting ready to head out to buy closed in shoes for my trip to Ohio on Sunday. Being a Florida girl I only own flip flops and sandals. I decided to check the mail and right on top was a summons for jury duty, my first ever. The date, right in the middle of my vacation. I was going to see if I could postpone it to a later date but wanted to check on my ticket refund in case I couldn't. I did buy insurance for trip cancelation. Problem #2 When I called I found out I made the reservation for the wrong month. :{  November which has passed. Good bye refund. #3 Thursday I got the news that my mother's CT scan came back with some concerns about cancer and a PET scan was ordered for next week. Knowing that I wouldn't have wanted to leave her alone so it turned out I wouldn't have gone anyway.

So now to the good part or so I thought. I picked up my machine set it up and got to work on my step-daughters rag quilt.
Ann's Quilt
I had promised it over a year ago and was working on it when my machine broke. I sent her a PM telling her I would have it ready Sunday night when she came for her Sunday visit. Well the bad week wasn't over yet. I began to sew and the thread broke. re - threaded sewed another two feet, thread broke. Tried a third time and yes the thread broke. This was one of the problems before fix so I was frustrated. The repair shop guarantees their work so that wasn't a problem, but he didn't open again till Tuesday. Bummer.

Sunday I quilted some on Mr. Cottontail and grumbled about hating sewing machines.
Monday morning I thought maybe I could see where the thread was catching and figure out how to fix it. Found the problem.
It was me and my thread holder.
Rag Quilt is finished and I even closed up the dog pillow I stuffed with last years tiny scraps of thread, fabric and batting.
Tebow and his new pillow.
And my stepdaughter, Ann and grandkids postponed their visit a day so I was able to gift the quilt tonight. Looks like this week is going to be much better.
Now onto the next quilt.
Happy quilting.

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