Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tis The Season

Tis the season for joy, peace and harmony but also for colds and flu. I am still suffering from the residuals of a cold that went into a respiratory infection. Once the antibiotics kicked in I felt like accomplishing a few quilty things like my lap quilt for Christmas.

So I ironed the top and batting and was getting ready to cut the backing so I could baste when I had to leave to take my mother to the doctor. So I draped the top over a dining chair to keep it from wrinkling, closed bedroom door to keep Tebow from punishing me for leaving yet again and off I went.  I had been away for longer periods and more often than normal so, my little Tebow was not happy and punished me. 

Yep you guessed it. He hiked his leg on my top. No I did not murder him but I wanted to in a bad way. Now I was going to have to wash the top and I knew it was going to ravel and be a mess because I had washed one before. Luckily my friend Kathi had a thought, "Wash it by hand." I did and it worked! Thank you Kathi. It is now re-ironed and ready to baste.
Happy Quilting my friends.

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