Sunday, December 27, 2015

Bunny Hoppin

Well 2015 is almost over and 2016 will begin in 5 days. I have never been much for New Years resolutions because I know I won't keep them. But I am setting a goal for 2016. That Goal? Finish at least 10 UFOs. I have 20-30 unfinished projects plus a few quilt kits I haven't started on. I meant to drag the box out today so I could pick 10 to focus on. It didn't happen. Instead I made a bunny. That is why I have a bunch of UFOs I like the creative part the best. 

Here is my process.

First drawing a pattern.

Then cut it out. See anything wrong? I didn't at this point.

Cut out fabric using the paper pattern and a scrap of fabric.
So far so good. 

Now I see it. This doesn't look like a rabbit, the ears are to short. Maybe a fox? Definitely not a rabbit. 

Back to the drawing board, I mean pad.

Much better.

 How about you? Do you make New Year resolutions. 

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Valentines Day Prep

It is hard to keep your holidays straight when you craft items to sell on Etsy. Christmas starts in June, Valentines, Passover and Easter in December. 

First up is Valentines Day. 

I had bought two baby quilts at an estate sale that had been well loved, therefore faded and worn. They must have been twin girls because both were the same pink fabric and identical pattern. They were also hand quilted which made them extra special. What to do with them? I am way beyond the having babies age. This is what I came up with:

I liked it so much I cut out another bigger pillow and a smaller pillow from a 10" scrap of heart fabric.

The fabric was left over from a bowl cozy.

I started a table runner for that romantic dinner from a jelly roll and have a couple more ideas before moving on to Easter and Passover.

We have had summer weather, low 80s so my hibiscus has been exploding with flowers.

I wonder what is in store for January, our coldest month? 


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Monday, December 7, 2015

Best Laid Plans

My last post I talked about taking a break from making bowl cozies to make quilts. I had restocked The shop and thought I could spend the weekend finishing a rad quilt and hand quilting on my Cathedral quilt. That didn't happen. 

It must have been the men's day to shop online this weekend because all my sales were from men and you guessed it, for bowl cozies. 

I spent Saturday night cutting out fabric and batting.

Sunday afternoon and evening sewing and pinning for the final two steps to finish today.

I am not complaining, the money sure helps the property tax bill coming due in February. 

Wishing you a stress free and blessed week. 


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Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Month of Hard Work

Wow, I just realized I have not posted for a month. Where has the time gone? I am suppose to be retired but have been chained to my sewing room for a month. 
I have been busy making and selling small quilted items like
Bowl Cozies,

Hot Pads/ Potholders.

and Toilet Tank Toppers/Mini Table Runners.

Most of my items sold on Ebay but a few on Etsy too. 
It still amazes me the number of people who have never heard of Etsy.

The week before Thanksgiving I was down to four bowl cozies so I spent most of my time making those. I am getting low again but I want to make quilts so I plan to go another week without making more. 

I packed all my Christmas fabric away on Thanksgiving morning. I still have a few Christmas Decor Items in the shop and I can also easily pull out the fabric if I get a special order. 

I spent the last few evenings hand quilting my Cathedral Quilt. 

I was afraid I had forgotten how to hand quilt after a month but as my sister said, "When you pick up your needle it will all come back." She was right.

I have about 20+ UFOs I plan to start on soon. I was going to set a goal of one per month but my friend Kathi said that was probably too lofty. So I think I will set the goal of six for the year 2016 and try not to add any more. Some are small projects like table runners so I can always knock those out fast in a pinch. :)

Have a blessed Holiday Season and be safe.


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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Small finishes

I have been busy most of the week making toilet tank toppers and bowl cozies. I was making bowl cozies, I make them in batches of 8-10 but got to the last step and realized I had forgotten the darts, So they are not finished because I had to put them aside. My goal is to finish them this weekend. So here are my finishes.

A Fall Toilet Tank Topper.

A Fall set of place mats.

A Christmas Toilet ?Tank Topper. 

Have a great weekend and be sure to stop by my Etsy Shop for more of my finished items. 


Monday, November 2, 2015

Alabama and Home

I am home! Yea. Even though I had a wonderful time I am happy to be home with my little Tebow.

It is hard to tell if he is happy to see me or not. LOL

The leaves were beautiful in the Alabama mountains despite the constant drizzle. 

Below is the view from my cozy room. 

Don't you just love this maple tree?

We did have one day that was sunny but cold and windy. I didn't stand in the cold to take pictures that day.

This is a lighted pathway across from the retreat center at the lodge. Can you see the cross to the right? I meant to get a daytime picture but forgot. Maybe I will remember when I return in February.

Just outside our worship room is a sitting area with a fireplace. This quilt hangs on the wall opposite the fireplace.

A close up of the free motion quilting.

And the back of the quilt.

I did not take quilting to work on this time, the lighting is bad for hand work, so I was really missing my quilting time. 

I really need to make more bowl cozies since my stock in my Etsy shop is low but I wanted to create something new.

 So I made two of these Toilet Tank Toppers/Mini Table Runners.

I still need to finish this table runner, sorry picture is washed out. It is much richer looking than this picture.

And I have two place mats for Fall that I am hand sewing the binding down.  These will give me hand work to do while taking a break from making bowl cozies. 


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Friday, October 23, 2015

Kayla's quilt finish

Finally after two years of collecting the out of print fabric and several interruptions. My granddaughter, Kayla's quilt is finished. 

The fabric is Paris Flea Market by Three Sisters.
The backing is a white flannel to make it warm and soft.

She loves the Shabby Chic Look and rag quilts.

I used my Accuquilt to cut all the fabric. I made a couple rag quilts before I bought the Accuquilt and let me tell you it is ten times faster with the machine.

Of course a lot of time I saved using the Accuquilt was spent with the seem ripper, because I kept forgetting rag quilts are sewn the opposite of regular quilts.

I think it turned out pretty good and my granddaughter is anxiously waiting for it to arrive. 

That's my finish for the week.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Scraps and Ribbon

 You know how it is, you find a deal on bags of fabric at a garage sale for one or two dollars. Score! Who can turn it down? Not me. So you go home and tell everyone who will listen about your deal. You post on Facebook so everyone can celebrate with you. Then months go by and you decide to do something with these bags of fabric. Add to all the fabric the fact that your sister sends you two large boxes of ribbon she scored for a dollar, and what do you make? 

Taggy blankets.

Taggy Blanket/Toy

Now I wouldn't call these blankets because the largest I have seen are 12 inches square. I had a stack of small flannel pieces in one bag that didn't coordinate with each other and I didn't have anything that would work either so these were perfect. I used all those pieces of flannel and a negligible amount of ribbon so I am happy. They are now in my Etsy shop.

 I also had a friend send me a large box of Christmas scraps. 

I made this toilet tank topper out of some of the Christmas scraps.

And started this Christmas table runner from a few more. 

I leave for another retreat in Alabama in a few days so no quilting or blogging for a week. They say the temps will be low 50s at night and 60s during the day. That is way to cold for this Florida girl. I will need to buy long pants before I go. 

I hope to have a finish to share on Friday. Until then, have a great day.


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Finally It's Fall

 Fall is finally in the air for us central Floridians. The humidity is down a little and the mornings and evenings are cooling into the 70s. This weather makes me think of relaxing with cups of tea, stocking up on chili and soup fixings and pumpkin pies. 

I haven't accomplished anything I wanted to this past weekend. It seems as if I have been busy but not productive. Have you ever had days like that? 
I did finish the table topper I started last week.
It is in the picture above. 

I also finished a few more stuffed ornaments. I just love the gingerbread men on this heart.

I started these, two snack mats and a toilet tank topper last night and planned to finish them today. Didn't happen. I had another busy day and accomplished nothing.
What is a toilet tank topper?

A toilet tank topper is the latest rage in decorating. They are like small table runners that fit on the top of the toilet tank lid. They add color and style to your bathroom. I have seen super classy ones made from tapestry to simple one layer of cotton. I personally would not have the tapestry because I couldn't throw it in the wash. 

Do you decorate for the holidays? Do you include the bathroom in your holiday decorating? 


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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Christmas Already?

 I have sewn all week and most of last week on Christmas ornaments thinking these would be fast and easy to make. NOT! 

These are not to bad. Until I look the picture.

 Check out the gingerbread man's fat leg, oops

 This is the one and only stuffed star ornament. Those points are no fun. Add to that, I can't seem to sew a straight line lately and you will see why I will not be making another one.

These were not to bad, but nothing to brag about.

This Christmas Heart is my favorite. All hand sewn it took awhile but I didn't stress like the machine sewn ornaments.

I also like these patchwork hearts. I am making them from the leftover squares I have from Making my husbands quilt. I remember I hated this fabric because it stretched easy and frayed like crazy. But my Hubby really liked these fabrics.

 I made a few of these Tank Toppers/Small Runners to sell for Halloween decorating. I plan on making some Thanksgiving and Christmas ones too. The bathroom deserves some spucing for the holidays. Right?

And finally, I am in the process of  making a couple of these octagonal fall table toppers. I love this fabric but I think it is out of print as I could only find two yards of it in an Etsy shop. It is called Autumn Leaves by Windham Fabrics. If you know where to find more let me know. I have a friend who wants to buy some and I wouldn't mind having more myself. 

I also have been preparing for my next week on retreat at Camp Sumatonga in Alabama. They say the leaves will be in full splendor when I arrive the end of the month. I have four books to read before I go. Finished two and am just starting the other two so I need to spend more time reading and less sewing. 

My goals for the rest of the week and the upcoming weekend is to finish an order for large coasters, finish the two ornament orders totaling 9 ornaments and finish my granddaughter's rag quilt. Oh, and read those books. LOL Sounds like a lot! I better get sewing and reading.

Have a blessed week. 


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