Saturday, January 24, 2015

Back to Stitching.

Just realized I haven't posted in three weeks! I have been busy with my mother who has had some serious health issues. She is hard of hearing and the pulmonary doctor has an accent so I go with her to help her understand. Looks like they will be removing 1/3 of her left lung. Waiting on the surgeon to call with appointment so it isn't over yet. Prayers are appreciated.

Now to some quilting.

Haven't done anymore work on Mr. Cottontail and Lady Duck.

Remember the Quilt As You Go?

Even after buying more fabric I still did not have enough to make it lap size so I added a border. I had an idea to add half blocks to the border but couldn't decide after I did it if I liked it.

Excuse Tebow's nether regions. ;)
I asked for opinions on Facebook and the majority said leave them in so I did.
Just finishing it up with binding this weekend.
When I bought the fabric for the border  I also bought 3 yards of this bicycle fabric. A few people doing Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt bought bicycle fabric for their backing and so I had to have some. Isn't it cute? Don't know what I will make with it yet but something will come to mind.
And my next project:
This quilt from Jera at Quilting In the Rain. This is the second quilt in her book, Quilt As You Go Made Modern. I love this book and have decided to make every quilt in order of appearance in the book.  These are the fabrics I will be using along with white.
I have cut the batting and the fat quarters. Now to piece it together. Looks like a quick quilt so maybe I will be binding next weekend.
Have a blessed Day.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Slow Sunday Stitching

This Sunday I am continuing to slow stitch on Lady Duck.
Actually I am stitching a little faster today for some reason.

I only have this small area to finish up and then comes decision time -

What do I make with her and Mr. Cottontail?
A Wall Hanging, Table Runner, Table Topper?
This is the backing fabric. It is not this washed out.
It is more green looking.
If you have any suggestions, I welcome them.
Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Quilting As I Go

Ever since Jera over at Quilting In The Rain published her book Quilt As You Go Made Modern I have wanted to buy the book. Amazon ran out almost immediately. Jera was hosting a quilt along and I wanted to follow along but after 3 weeks and the books were still on back order I decided to try to figure it out on my own by the pictures others, who had the book, were posting. I had some left over Autumn scraps so decided to try it with scraps and make a table runner.

Not to bad. A friend wanted to buy the table runner immediately. Problem is, without the book I couldn't figure out the joining of the blocks without sashing (the old way of joining and why I never tried this before). Thanksgiving came and went so I packed them away. The book was still on back order. :(
The Monday before Christmas the book was in! But I wanted it now. So I called Books A Million, "I can order it for you." Barnes and Nobles, "I can order it for you." Grrrrrrr.
I finally came to my senses and called my local Quilt Shop. They had one and would hold it for me. Yeah!!!
After I read the book I started on the first quilt in the book. I was hoping the Jelly Roll I had would be enough for a lap quilt.
Of course it was not. OK time to go through the stash.
I found 3 fat quarters that matched the colors fairly well but that was not enough. Off I went to JoAnn's. This Jelly Roll must have been a few years old because I could not find any green that would match. I found a solid blue and a print in the blue, a print in the brown and a solid brown. I bought extra of the solid brown to use as a border if these didn't work.
Original on left, New on right.
What do you think?
Here is a broader view of them laid out.
Looking at the picture I see some blocks turned the wrong way.
Still think I will add the border to frame the block layout. Then I add the backing and bind. Hopefully this will be finished for Finish It Up Friday next week.
I hope to have Lady duck hand quilted by then as well. She kinda got put aside for awhile.
Have you tried something new recently?
I would love to hear about it.
Thanks for visiting,