Saturday, January 3, 2015

Quilting As I Go

Ever since Jera over at Quilting In The Rain published her book Quilt As You Go Made Modern I have wanted to buy the book. Amazon ran out almost immediately. Jera was hosting a quilt along and I wanted to follow along but after 3 weeks and the books were still on back order I decided to try to figure it out on my own by the pictures others, who had the book, were posting. I had some left over Autumn scraps so decided to try it with scraps and make a table runner.

Not to bad. A friend wanted to buy the table runner immediately. Problem is, without the book I couldn't figure out the joining of the blocks without sashing (the old way of joining and why I never tried this before). Thanksgiving came and went so I packed them away. The book was still on back order. :(
The Monday before Christmas the book was in! But I wanted it now. So I called Books A Million, "I can order it for you." Barnes and Nobles, "I can order it for you." Grrrrrrr.
I finally came to my senses and called my local Quilt Shop. They had one and would hold it for me. Yeah!!!
After I read the book I started on the first quilt in the book. I was hoping the Jelly Roll I had would be enough for a lap quilt.
Of course it was not. OK time to go through the stash.
I found 3 fat quarters that matched the colors fairly well but that was not enough. Off I went to JoAnn's. This Jelly Roll must have been a few years old because I could not find any green that would match. I found a solid blue and a print in the blue, a print in the brown and a solid brown. I bought extra of the solid brown to use as a border if these didn't work.
Original on left, New on right.
What do you think?
Here is a broader view of them laid out.
Looking at the picture I see some blocks turned the wrong way.
Still think I will add the border to frame the block layout. Then I add the backing and bind. Hopefully this will be finished for Finish It Up Friday next week.
I hope to have Lady duck hand quilted by then as well. She kinda got put aside for awhile.
Have you tried something new recently?
I would love to hear about it.
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  1. So pretty.

    I just bought some plain white fabric today to make a quilt with lots of colorful patches.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I love lots of color. Can't wait to see your finished quilt or even while in progress.


  3. Well, I think the new fabrics work extremely well with the existing. I'm looking forward to seeing how you finish this up. So interesting. I bought a Bee My Honey jelly roll after Christmas for a quilt, and some fat quarters in a pretty light blue and gray that I'm not sure what I'll do with. I'm still working on two scrap quilts. Have fun, Debbie!

  4. Thanks for the input. Now all I have to do is get the layout down and I can finish. I got called for jury duty selection today so I am not sure if I will get to it this week. Have a blessed week.