Monday, February 23, 2015

Blue Skies and Warm Weather Quilting

The weather has turned warmer and the skies are blue, I love living in Florida. The past week had been cold, for Florida, with a couple of nights in the low 30s so I have been on a quilt hibernation.

First off, my Mr. Cottontail and Lady Duck:

Aren't they cute? Lady Duck is my favorite. She will hang above my breakfast table in the kitchen. Mr. Cottontail will probably go on Ebay. These are hand quilted.

Next up, # 2 in the Quilt As You Go Made Modern book.

I was making this one for my son but when he saw it he said it was to Key West and he wanted brown and tan, yuk. It will probably be awhile on that one as I struggle making quilts with dull colors.
I like to have a hand quilting project going at the same time as a machine project so I dug out a UFO.
This is a baby quilt top I made over a year ago. I managed to get it basted and ready to go but then could not for the life of me find my water erase markers or stencils. I have been organizing my home and de-cluttering. I looked everywhere, even in the most unlikely places. After a week the markers turned up in my pen holder but still no stencils.
Two days later these showed up but not the flower one.

Oh well, better than nothing.
Next I am making a pattern called Cathedral by Villa Rosa with this beautiful Maison Blue fabric line. I am about half way done with the cutting. It is not a QAG but I am going to try and adapt it. It is so much easier to QAG, and faster too.
I also have a quilt top for my mother I will be starting on, as soon as the batting comes in. She wants polyester batting and I only use cotton so that is all I had in my stash. Living in Daytona in February you do not go near the race track. JoAnn's is just past the track (and it was cold outside) so I ordered online thinking I would get it before I could go to JoAnn's myself. I was wrong. Yesterday, Sunday was the 500 and still no batting. Well it is not as if I have nothing else to quilt so I will wait.
How are you dealing with the winter weather? Are you Quilt hibernating?


Saturday, February 7, 2015

One Week finish

 My one week finish is now a two to three week finish. LOL.

These are the fabrics I picked out, along with solid white, to make a quilt for my son. He just bought his first house and he needs color! Typical man, he decorated in brown and beige. This will be a lap quilt for the living room.
I picked a simple pattern and figured it would be ready for binding in a week since it was a QAYG and minimal piecing. Wrong. 
I posted last time that my mother has been dealing with a lung problem since last summer. I won't go into detail but suffice to say things have been hectic and my mom had surgery yesterday, Friday. So I have only been able to work on this quilt maybe 4 days out of 14.
Here is the beginning of the layout in process.
I had to leave for what I thought was a couple hours to go to the hospital in the middle of the layout process and it ended up being an eight hour trip. When I got home I was tired so had to pick it all up so I could go to bed. I do not have a design wall and use my bed to lay out my quilts so up it came. A bad back and knees rules out  the floor. We will see how today goes and hopefully tomorrow the quilt will be ready for binding.
We will see. ;)
What are you working on this Saturday afternoon?