Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Florida and Quilting

It is another glorious day in Florida!
78 degrees, blue skies and low humidity. What can get better than that?
I am still quilting on this happy baby quilt. This is a UFO from 2013. LOL. I am quilting it using the big stitch style, also known as Utility stitching.

I am having a hard time seeing the markings on this dark purple...

...but not the light colors. 

 Isn't this little princess monkey cute? Sorry she came out blurry for some reason.

And how about her carriage and slippers?

I have been watching a series on Netflix called Mary Queen of Scot while I quilt. Nothing much on during the day on regular TV.

I hope to finish this one by the weekend. I need the pins to finish basting my mom's quilt.

I thought I had enough pins to baste both quilts but I ran out about 1/3 the way on mom's quilt.

 I can't afford to buy more right now as I have some medical test to pay copays on these next few weeks so funds are limited. Maybe I should get a job to support my quilt habit.  HAHA!

I think I will stay retired. Besides I have a lot of UFOs to quilt and a condo to decorate. Who has time to work?


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