Sunday, April 5, 2015

Family and Memories

Spring in Florida brings Spring Breakers to town. Normally this is not a problem for me as I do not hit the beach until after Easter. This year however family has decided to visit. Mostly to see my mother who has just been diagnosed with cancer. The last group arrived on Saturday and are staying with me. This means sewing and quilting has been very limited.
Tebow usually spends time sleeping on the sofa and snuggling with my late husbands lap blanket but with all the company he has had to share or sleep on the floor.

I have started the machine quilting on my mom's quilt. I am quilting across in a serpentine stitch. Then I will hand quilt a butterfly (her choice) in the center block.

I bought this top from Ebay for less than $20.00 including shipping because it was in the fabric my mom loved and I was not able to find this 1980s fabric anywhere. I discovered while machine quilting how uneven and poorly constructed it was.

Mom loves the fabric and she is ok with it so I am too. I was making it for her to use when napping in her recliner. As I stated above she has recently been diagnosed with cancer of the lung which spread to her eye so it will now be a chemo quilt.
As soon as I get the machine part done I will start my next Quilt As You Go project. I like to have a machine and hand quilting quilt going at the same time so I can switch off when my fingers get sore.

One year ago Good Friday morning the love of my life died after a three year battle. That morning these Angels trumpet bloomed. He had started this plant from a twig several months before.  When I saw these blooms that morning I cried tears of joy because I felt this was my sign from God that there was truly resurrection for everyone who believes and Jim believed in Christ as his Savior.
Happy Easter My Friends.


  1. Debbie, this post touched my heart. First, the photo of Tebow snuggling with Jim's lap blanket, then the story behind the quilt you're working on for your mom (I continue to pray for her and you), and then the beautiful Angel trumpets. Oh, they're gorgeous! And I totally believe they were a gift from God just for you. To remind you of His resurrection power and also to bring you joy and comfort. That's just the way our Lord works. Hugs, dear Debbie. ~ Nancy

  2. Thank you for the prayers Nancy.