Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Finish and Progress

I finally finished my mom's quilt.

 You may remember that I bought the unfinished top on Ebay and I did not notice all the wonky squares or the ...

Missed seam or ...

A cut in the fabric until I was over halfway done on the quilting.
I thought of appliqueing a few butterflies randomly and making sure I cover the two places. Below is the fabric I would use for the butterflies. But I have never appliqued. Do I want to tackle applique with a quilt I have grown to dislike?
Sorry not real clear picture.
I also thought I would just whip stitch the two places.
Any suggestions out there?
I am so frustrated with this quilt I just want to wash it and give it to my mom.
I am making progress on the Cathedral quilt. Twenty blocks down and forty to go.
I have been suffering from vertigo for the last week so all I can do is sit. Gives me a lot of time to hand quilt and watch TV. I have watched almost all of the Andy Griffith show, 200+ episodes. Watching these old shows makes me long for simpler times. I would gladly give up TV, cell phones and computers to reclaim family dinner and evenings on the porch.  How about you?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Slow progress and a setback.

Still stitching the blocks for my Cathedral quilt. I think I only finished 3 blocks this week even though I stitch every day on them.

I also had a set back this week on my mom's quilt. I was coming into the home stretch with the binding and what did I find? A major pucker on the last line of quilting. UGH.

So I spent yesterday ripping out machine quilting and binding. This is why I hate machine quilting. I still have 18 inches to rip out and then I will see if I can fix it without removing all the binding. Fingers crossed.

Tebow also likes napping on mom's quilt and I hate to make him get up so I can work on it. So I wait for him to move to a different spot before I work on that one. He has slowed down a lot lately and sleeps most of the time. He is around 14 years old so I probably won't have him long. I figure let him sleep, he deserves it. I rescued him from a shelter when my husband was going through cancer treatment. He had been abandoned in an empty apartment. Tebow was my husband's constant companion until my husband died. That is why I spoil him.

I received some happy mail this week.

Such happy fabrics should make a happy quilt for a toddler or child. I just love the balloons don't you? Just  what I needed, more fat quarters.

Guess I need to get back to my seam ripper. Tebow is sleeping on the rug right now so I can get back to work.

Have a blessed day.


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cathedral Progress

Slowly but surely I am making progress on my Cathedral QAG.  I have been able to hand quilt about one block a day in between finishing my mom's quilt which I am  finally sewing the binding down on. Yeah.
The above picture is how the blocks will be laid out. The shell print is my bedspread. I should have laid a white cloth over it. OOps.
A close up of a few blocks.

Ten blocks down and about fifty to go.
As for Tebow?
He is taking his duty of quilt tester seriously. Mom says he will wear it out before she gets it. LOL
I am still working on the sorting through of my deceased husbands possessions. So hard to part with his things. The quilting helps sooth my soul. I am grateful I finally learned how to hand quilt two years ago from my friend Kathi. She was a blessing from God just when I needed one. God sure works in mysterious ways. I met Kathi through a quilting blog hop. She lived close to me and graciously volunteered to teach me. From then on we have been close and support each other through good and bad. Quilters are the best!
Have you met new friends through quilting blogs? If so I would love you to share your stories with me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Still Slow Stitching

I am still slow stitching on my Quilt As You Go project, Cathedral. It is slow going but I am not in a hurry as it is for me and I live in Florida where it doesn't get cold until January.

These particular blocks are taking longer because my marker is blue and doesn't show in the dark blue flowers. So...
I am using this tailors chalk, which comes off easily, to mark those areas a little bit at a time.
In the mean time I bought this fab modern layer cake called Cosmopolitan by Contempo from Craftsy.
 I love the modern look. I couldn't bring myself to undo that pretty bow before using this fabric so I am just giving you a peak of a few corners. Love this stripe...

 And the leaves which come in different colors by the way.
Some blue tulips...

Along with other prints.
I also scored these cute fabrics at a local thrift store. The red is flannel. Should make cute baby blankets.
I finally finished my mothers lap quilt. Now to bind and fix that seam where the pin is located.

I won't ever buy an unfinished quilt top off Ebay again. I only bought it because my mom loved the fabric and I needed to save as much time as I could.

I have also been working on organizing my little home. I moved in August 2014 a few month after my husband died. The grieving process makes it hard to get motivated so the organizing process has been slow. While working on the spare room I ran across a tub of clothes I had outgrow. Thankfully I went through the tub before donating because the two quilt tops (made by my mother-in-law during the 30s and 40s were in that tub.

More UFOs but I am happy I found them before they were lost to the family.

Until next time, I'll be quilting by the sea.