Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Finish and Progress

I finally finished my mom's quilt.

 You may remember that I bought the unfinished top on Ebay and I did not notice all the wonky squares or the ...

Missed seam or ...

A cut in the fabric until I was over halfway done on the quilting.
I thought of appliqueing a few butterflies randomly and making sure I cover the two places. Below is the fabric I would use for the butterflies. But I have never appliqued. Do I want to tackle applique with a quilt I have grown to dislike?
Sorry not real clear picture.
I also thought I would just whip stitch the two places.
Any suggestions out there?
I am so frustrated with this quilt I just want to wash it and give it to my mom.
I am making progress on the Cathedral quilt. Twenty blocks down and forty to go.
I have been suffering from vertigo for the last week so all I can do is sit. Gives me a lot of time to hand quilt and watch TV. I have watched almost all of the Andy Griffith show, 200+ episodes. Watching these old shows makes me long for simpler times. I would gladly give up TV, cell phones and computers to reclaim family dinner and evenings on the porch.  How about you?


  1. Vertigo is no fun I suffered with either vertigo or disorientation for 12 years before anyone figured out a way to treat it. I hope that there is a way to help you as you go through your journey.

  2. Thanks stitchpenny, I am much better now. Have a nice day. Debbie