Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cathedral Progress

Slowly but surely I am making progress on my Cathedral QAG.  I have been able to hand quilt about one block a day in between finishing my mom's quilt which I am  finally sewing the binding down on. Yeah.
The above picture is how the blocks will be laid out. The shell print is my bedspread. I should have laid a white cloth over it. OOps.
A close up of a few blocks.

Ten blocks down and about fifty to go.
As for Tebow?
He is taking his duty of quilt tester seriously. Mom says he will wear it out before she gets it. LOL
I am still working on the sorting through of my deceased husbands possessions. So hard to part with his things. The quilting helps sooth my soul. I am grateful I finally learned how to hand quilt two years ago from my friend Kathi. She was a blessing from God just when I needed one. God sure works in mysterious ways. I met Kathi through a quilting blog hop. She lived close to me and graciously volunteered to teach me. From then on we have been close and support each other through good and bad. Quilters are the best!
Have you met new friends through quilting blogs? If so I would love you to share your stories with me.

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  1. Your QAYG blocks are looking so sweet! They will surely make the most delicate and lovely quilt. Sounds like you are very close to a finish with your mom's quilt. Can hardly wait for the big reveal, Debbie!