Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Slow progress and a setback.

Still stitching the blocks for my Cathedral quilt. I think I only finished 3 blocks this week even though I stitch every day on them.

I also had a set back this week on my mom's quilt. I was coming into the home stretch with the binding and what did I find? A major pucker on the last line of quilting. UGH.

So I spent yesterday ripping out machine quilting and binding. This is why I hate machine quilting. I still have 18 inches to rip out and then I will see if I can fix it without removing all the binding. Fingers crossed.

Tebow also likes napping on mom's quilt and I hate to make him get up so I can work on it. So I wait for him to move to a different spot before I work on that one. He has slowed down a lot lately and sleeps most of the time. He is around 14 years old so I probably won't have him long. I figure let him sleep, he deserves it. I rescued him from a shelter when my husband was going through cancer treatment. He had been abandoned in an empty apartment. Tebow was my husband's constant companion until my husband died. That is why I spoil him.

I received some happy mail this week.

Such happy fabrics should make a happy quilt for a toddler or child. I just love the balloons don't you? Just  what I needed, more fat quarters.

Guess I need to get back to my seam ripper. Tebow is sleeping on the rug right now so I can get back to work.

Have a blessed day.



  1. Oh that is a shame you found a pucker on the back of your mom's quilt. Just when you were so close to being finished! Tebow looks very comfortable. What a great companion. It's nice to have someone around, like him. Good luck with all your projects this week, Debbie!

  2. Thank you Lorna. I finished ripping out the row of quilting today. Tomorrow I will re-quilt that row and hopefully be able to finish the binding. Debbie

  3. Debbie, I could understand why you spoil Tebow even before you wrote about your husband's passing. I wouldn't want to make my pup move away either then. And I have a hard time making my pups move now and they are just regular rescues, although wonderful companions too.
    I hope you made it fine through the stitch ripping and have your Mom's quilt squared away by now and are back to your beloved hand stitching.

    1. Lara I did get all the stitches out but didn't get time to re quilt and bind. Hopefu;;y tomorrow. Thaqnks for stopping by my blog. Debbie

  4. What a sweet little dog...I know you treasure him. The quilt is beautiful and I know you are anxious to get it done. Enjoy your week! Sweet hugs, Diane

    1. Thank you Diane, I do treasure him. Debbie