Monday, September 28, 2015

Busy Work

This past week has been kind of chaotic. I am finding that trying to start an online business is chaotic at best. I never seem to accomplish my goals for the week. Maybe they are to lofty? Or, maybe I have gotten used to not having to follow a schedule and thus am easily talked into going to lunch or anything else. :)

Most of what I have been sewing has required all machine work and sewing machines do not cooperate with me. I did finish some things for the shop this past weekend. 

More bowl Cozies.

Holiday Table Runners

These Large Mug Rugs/Snack Mats are ready to be quilted. 

And this table topper which I have been struggling to add ribbon too for two days beat me down.
So I gave up and just added binding.

At least I will have some hand work to relax with. 

I did get some slow Sunday Stitching in on this Fall Table Runner.


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  1. Some weeks are like that-make a list everyday of what you accomplished and it might surprise you what you are getting done!
    The work you are accomplishing is beautiful! The table runners are especially nice!

  2. Neat fabrics, Debbie. The reindeer is my favorite, though. Super cute. Doing handiwork in the evening is a pleasant past time. Nice way to wind down. xo ~ Nancy

  3. All your projects look great! You're reminding me that I have some holiday sewing to get to!

  4. Hi Debbie - thanks for popping by! I definitely know the feeling of not accomplishing goals. It seems that I have been really busy all week but not achieved what I set out to do :( Love the sewing you have managed to get done. Good luck with the business.

  5. Your table runners are especially lovely, Debbie. Looks like you will soon have your Etsy shop all decked out for Christmas! Looking good!

  6. you have my sympathy as I don't think I've ever dealt with sewing ribbon either :)