Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Christmas Already?

 I have sewn all week and most of last week on Christmas ornaments thinking these would be fast and easy to make. NOT! 

These are not to bad. Until I look the picture.

 Check out the gingerbread man's fat leg, oops

 This is the one and only stuffed star ornament. Those points are no fun. Add to that, I can't seem to sew a straight line lately and you will see why I will not be making another one.

These were not to bad, but nothing to brag about.

This Christmas Heart is my favorite. All hand sewn it took awhile but I didn't stress like the machine sewn ornaments.

I also like these patchwork hearts. I am making them from the leftover squares I have from Making my husbands quilt. I remember I hated this fabric because it stretched easy and frayed like crazy. But my Hubby really liked these fabrics.

 I made a few of these Tank Toppers/Small Runners to sell for Halloween decorating. I plan on making some Thanksgiving and Christmas ones too. The bathroom deserves some spucing for the holidays. Right?

And finally, I am in the process of  making a couple of these octagonal fall table toppers. I love this fabric but I think it is out of print as I could only find two yards of it in an Etsy shop. It is called Autumn Leaves by Windham Fabrics. If you know where to find more let me know. I have a friend who wants to buy some and I wouldn't mind having more myself. 

I also have been preparing for my next week on retreat at Camp Sumatonga in Alabama. They say the leaves will be in full splendor when I arrive the end of the month. I have four books to read before I go. Finished two and am just starting the other two so I need to spend more time reading and less sewing. 

My goals for the rest of the week and the upcoming weekend is to finish an order for large coasters, finish the two ornament orders totaling 9 ornaments and finish my granddaughter's rag quilt. Oh, and read those books. LOL Sounds like a lot! I better get sewing and reading.

Have a blessed week. 


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  1. I know what you mean, I was just perusing Christmas fabrics this morning thinking I might buys some of them - they are really cute. And I don't usually do seasonal sewing...

  2. The ornaments are cute, so are the table toppers. Just work on one at a time and they will get done.

  3. Debbie, here are a couple of links to the fabric you're looking for:

  4. Love the octagon design in that table topper. A fun shape to use!