Monday, November 2, 2015

Alabama and Home

I am home! Yea. Even though I had a wonderful time I am happy to be home with my little Tebow.

It is hard to tell if he is happy to see me or not. LOL

The leaves were beautiful in the Alabama mountains despite the constant drizzle. 

Below is the view from my cozy room. 

Don't you just love this maple tree?

We did have one day that was sunny but cold and windy. I didn't stand in the cold to take pictures that day.

This is a lighted pathway across from the retreat center at the lodge. Can you see the cross to the right? I meant to get a daytime picture but forgot. Maybe I will remember when I return in February.

Just outside our worship room is a sitting area with a fireplace. This quilt hangs on the wall opposite the fireplace.

A close up of the free motion quilting.

And the back of the quilt.

I did not take quilting to work on this time, the lighting is bad for hand work, so I was really missing my quilting time. 

I really need to make more bowl cozies since my stock in my Etsy shop is low but I wanted to create something new.

 So I made two of these Toilet Tank Toppers/Mini Table Runners.

I still need to finish this table runner, sorry picture is washed out. It is much richer looking than this picture.

And I have two place mats for Fall that I am hand sewing the binding down.  These will give me hand work to do while taking a break from making bowl cozies. 


Bowl Cozies, toilet toppers and other quilted items are for sale in my Etsy shop at

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  1. LOL TEBOW! Looks as if he was saying " about time you got back here to me!" :)

    1. You are right Deb. LOL Thanks for visiting.

  2. I was thinking the same thoughts about Tebow as Deb. LOL I think he's very happy to see you, but it looks just a tad miffed. :) I love that quilt and I'm trying to figure out the pattern. It looks like there's probably several different block styles. Am I right? Your cozies and runners are cute, Debbie. I like that alphabet fabric. xo ~ Nancy P.S. The photos of your retreat surroundings are breathtaking. The panoramic view with the pinks and greens is stunning!

  3. The best part of going away is coming home! Beautiful photos.

  4. I love the fall pics. We haven't started to have leaves turn here yet. Hasn't gotten cool enough I guess. Thanks for sharing.

  5. looks like little Tebow is worried you are going away again!! nice job- looks like you have been busy!