Monday, December 7, 2015

Best Laid Plans

My last post I talked about taking a break from making bowl cozies to make quilts. I had restocked The shop and thought I could spend the weekend finishing a rad quilt and hand quilting on my Cathedral quilt. That didn't happen. 

It must have been the men's day to shop online this weekend because all my sales were from men and you guessed it, for bowl cozies. 

I spent Saturday night cutting out fabric and batting.

Sunday afternoon and evening sewing and pinning for the final two steps to finish today.

I am not complaining, the money sure helps the property tax bill coming due in February. 

Wishing you a stress free and blessed week. 


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  1. I'm so glad your sales are up even if you had to post-pone some fun sewing!
    Nice to know there is no expiration date on fabric!

  2. I'm glad your shop is doing well, Debbie. You've worked very hard and it has to be rewarding to sell your goods, not only financially rewarding, but knowing people appreciate your handiwork must be rewarding, too. So happy for you. xo ~ Nancy