Saturday, January 30, 2016

Living Well

Another milestone has passed (birthday) and I feel stiff and old. It is like I have seized up and rusted in place. Today as I read Carol's blog at Art and Sand I realized I had not been living life well since my husband was diagnosed and died with cancer.

Birthday flowers from my daughter.

As I posted last time the whole Goal Setting was a flop. Many of you gave me good advice that stopped me from beating up on myself and I have felt better and started to loosen a little. 

Then a long time friend invited me to a women's Bible study called of all things, "Stuck" and that was followed by Carol's post on living well. I think there is a message here somewhere. ;)

 When I look back at my week I realize I have been fairly productive. I finished a Valentine mat that I started at my quilt guild last week.....

 Sewed the X in each square for a baby rag quilt and laid it out to be but together....

Finished eleven bowl cozies and ....

A couple more hand sewn bunnies for Easter.

 Little Bunny
Large Bunny

Guess I was more active than I thought.

I have a busy weekend ahead preparing for another week long retreat at Camp Sumatonga in Alabama. I hear wet sleet storms are predicted for Tuesday. 
I might have to add, shop for long pants to my list of things to do since I do not own a single pair. YIKES!

Question: Are you "Stuck" or "Living Well"?
I look forward to reading your answers. 


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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Resolutions, Goals, Etc.

When I was younger and not so young I created resolutions every year and every year I worked those resolutions for about a month and gave up. 

Image result for new year's resolutions pictures free

I went a few years without even thinking about resolutions because my husband was in treatment for cancer and things were so uncertain. Those years were followed by grief and numbness, not really caring about anything. 

I am slowly coming out of the fog and so I gave myself a kick in the rear and decided to not set resolutions, but goals. 

new years resolution: 2016 goals - New Year resolution concept - isolated text in vintage letterpress wood type printing blocks on a laptop screen with a cup of coffee

I remember from my days of being employed that in order to be successful at reaching your goals you must break that big goal down to smaller activities and spread them out. In other words, make to do list.

Image result for new year's resolutions pictures free

So I spent one day just breaking down the steps, figuring time needed, etc. Then I started working the plan the following week. 

All went well for a few days and then I started getting behind just a little. I caught up on Saturday, I had planned Saturday as a catch up day, and all was well. The following week I had scheduled lunch with a friend and a visit to another friend so Sunday I started working ahead. Everything was going smoothly, I was still ahead of schedule, when boom! the Humane Society called and said Tebow's ashes were ready to be picked up. Back came the depression and fog. Out came the ice cream.....

Image result for new year's resolutions pictures free

Here I sit with nothing accomplished on my list since the first week I started working towards my goals. I am feeling hopeless and discouraged. Will I be able to get back to my goals? Revise those goals?  Or just toss them out all together? 

I did learn something these last few weeks though, Goals is just another word for Resolutions and I am as good at keeping goals as I am at keeping resolutions. 

I am going for a walk and forgetting the whole thing. Maybe the sunshine and cold wind will blow away the fog.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Busy New Year

Once again it has been awhile since I blogged. Life seems to keep getting in the way of blogging. Om January 7th I had to say good bye to my little Tebow. My husband and I rescued him from a shelter five years ago. He was a sweet companion and a comfort for me when I lost my husband to cancer. 
Tebow Napping on his pillow.

I have been making bunnies,

Toilet Tank Toppers, 

Mug Rugs, 

and of course, Bowl Cozies.

In between all that I started to reorganize my quilt room which is a disaster after the frantic holiday season. My sister is coming to visit in February and there is no way she can sleep on the bed with this mess on it.

I can't believe I am showing this to you. Here is my sewing area. Might as well jump in all the way.

I want to reorganize the room layout as well so I may have to sleep on the couch while my sister is here until I get everything done. 

I set some goals for the new year as well. I will share them with you in my next post which hopefully will be this week. 

Until then, stay warm and keep on quilting. 


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