Saturday, January 30, 2016

Living Well

Another milestone has passed (birthday) and I feel stiff and old. It is like I have seized up and rusted in place. Today as I read Carol's blog at Art and Sand I realized I had not been living life well since my husband was diagnosed and died with cancer.

Birthday flowers from my daughter.

As I posted last time the whole Goal Setting was a flop. Many of you gave me good advice that stopped me from beating up on myself and I have felt better and started to loosen a little. 

Then a long time friend invited me to a women's Bible study called of all things, "Stuck" and that was followed by Carol's post on living well. I think there is a message here somewhere. ;)

 When I look back at my week I realize I have been fairly productive. I finished a Valentine mat that I started at my quilt guild last week.....

 Sewed the X in each square for a baby rag quilt and laid it out to be but together....

Finished eleven bowl cozies and ....

A couple more hand sewn bunnies for Easter.

 Little Bunny
Large Bunny

Guess I was more active than I thought.

I have a busy weekend ahead preparing for another week long retreat at Camp Sumatonga in Alabama. I hear wet sleet storms are predicted for Tuesday. 
I might have to add, shop for long pants to my list of things to do since I do not own a single pair. YIKES!

Question: Are you "Stuck" or "Living Well"?
I look forward to reading your answers. 


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  1. Last year I was stuck with the whole MS pain and immobility; this year with new meds I see a future for me again! I hope this year will give you the same hope! Excellent work, btw!

  2. I would say I'm living well. Not really "stuck" right now. Have been in the past, though, and widowhood will certainly do that to us unless we purpose to live otherwise. As hard as it is to do, we need to carry on. We honor God and our deceased spouses when we do. I can only say this now that I'm on the other side of the grief. Boy, when I was in it I didn't often see it that way. I smiled at your list of accomplishments this week, Debbie. Perhaps you're being much more productive than you thought? Wonderful! xo ~ Nancy

  3. Hmmm, tough one. I'm trying to live well, but sometimes I get stuck with all of my back issues. My blog helps me live better though. It sounds like you had a busy week, which is great. Hopefully, you've turned the corner. Happy belated birthday!

  4. I think that sometimes us women are our own worst enemies / harder on ourselves than God would be XO