Thursday, February 11, 2016

Retreats, Colds and Creating

Back from my retreat to the Alabama mountains at Camp Sumatonga. The first thing I do each time after unpacking is to take a picture out the front door of my room. I have the same room each time so it gives me a sense of the changing seasons. 

When I arrived Monday afternoon it was sunny and 70 degrees. A beautiful day indeed.Tuesday was cold and rainy and I had to run between my room and the dining hall/worship building several times. Resulting in a cold/bronchitis. The people coughing on the plane probably helped some too. LOL Note to self: wear a mask on plane next time.

The retreat was a blessing. The first presenter gave us some really good meditations. One has me still wrestling with God. 

Because of the bronchitis I have been exhausted, sleeping and vegetating, which equals nothing accomplished. Yesterday morning I bit the bullet and went to the doctor. After a breathing treatment in her office and some meds I was feeling more energy and desiring to create something so I pulled fabric for some Easter projects. 

That bunny fabric is so cute. I thought I would make an extra long table runner since I had purchased two yards. After ironing and checking several times to make sure (I thought I made sure) not to cut a fold, I ended up cutting it wrong. :O Bummer. 

Exhausted and frustrated I decided to vegetate some more and turned on the TV.

Today is much better and I have been resting so I can hopefully accomplish something tomorrow. My sister is coming and I still have not cleaned off the piles of fabric from the spare bed. 

Has the flu/cold bug bitten you this season? Do you get flu shots each year?


I love reading your replies and do my best to respond to them all. 

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  1. I'm so sorry you are ill! I think we need to give in to being sick in bed for 5 days but we keep pushing....
    I get the flu shot. You will be feeling better soon I hope!

  2. I do get a flu shot every year. This winter has not been kind to me. I've had a cold, a stomach bug, and now fighting another cold (although my pharmacist suggested a zinc/vitamin C supplement that's a lozenge to be used as soon as symptoms start, and I've been sucking on those. This time my cold isn't winning, so that a plus).

  3. Cute bunny fabric Debbie. Hope you are feeling better.

    1. Very colorful fabrics. Hope you get your energy back soon.

  4. Oh here is wishing you a speedy recovery. That fabric is so cute ! I don't get flu shots, no...

  5. What a lovely setting, you are blessed to have that view each time you return. After many winters battling a cold or bronchitis or pneumonia in the colder months, I acceded to my doctor's request and got a flu shot in the fall. Three years of consistent flu shots and I have not even had a cold!