Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I have a lot of UFOs. Some are in a big plastic bin, some are on the closet shelves and some are floating around my house. Every time I straiten my quilt room I tell myself I am not going to start anything else until they are done, but then I get on the computer and see new possibilities and forget about my determination to work on those dang UFOs. Finally in February I was determined to finish a rag quilt I had started last year. All I had to do was sew the blocks together and wash, how hard could that be. 

I quickly sewd the blocks together and the rows together. I was so proud to finally get a UFO done. But, when I cheked the back there were little tags sticking out of the seams. UGH. I was so frustrated I put it back in the closet and gave up on UFOs. 

This past weekend I decided I would go back to this UFO. After ripping out all the seams and resewing it was finally done. Yeah!

I forgot the color catcher when I washed it and the red faded onto the blues. :( Especially the fringe. So back in the wash it went with a color catcher.

Still didn't work. My stars and planets are now pink and so is the fringe. I sure can't sell it in my shop so I hope I meet someone with a little boy who doesn't mind pink spots on his blanket to give it to.

 For the rest of the week I just ade up some quick scrap projects like the candle mat above and ....

Snack mats for kids.

I also learned a new skill Monday night at my quilt guild, needle turn applique. 

I am struggling with the points but I never thought I could do this so I am thrilled and can't wait to design my own appliques.

Excuse the blood under my nail. I put a new blade in my cutter and proceeded to cut my finger. 

Look at the size of the needle she gave us to use. Do you needle turn applique? What size needle do you use?

Guess I better get back to quilting. Those UFOs are calling my name. 


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Quilt Shows and Lessons

Wow, I can't believe I haven't blogged in over a month. Yes I have been busy with company, my sister Rita, for a month and other new projects 

A few Toilet Tank Toppers and 

mug rugs.

I am most excited about finally getting to a quilt show. 

My Quilt Guild, Racing Fingers Quilt Guild, provided volunteers for the AQS Daytona Beach show. I volunteered two days, one to check in students for classes and one to work our charity booth making "fidget quilts". I forgot my camera that day so I do not have a picture of a fidget quilt to show you. I will try to remember my camera for the next guild meeting and take a picture. 

There were so many beautiful quilts to see. My all time favorites were the Japanese quilts. They were absolutely gorgeous! My pictures do not do them justice but here are two of my favorites:

I was truly humbled by the skill of these artist quilters.

I am always trying to learn new skills. My husband told me I could be a professional student and love it. He was right. Unfortunately it pays nothing and cost a lot so I stick with the online classes and friends teaching me. My latest skill is Free Motion Quilting. 

I have tried to learn this skill for two years through books and Youtube. It was a total and frustrating failure. I was in luck though because I ran into one of the instructors at my local quilt shop at AQS Daytona Beach and asked about a free motion class. She told me she was offering one on March 11, score! It was a small class and I finally learned what I was doing wrong. Thanks Jan! Now All I have to do is practice. My hearts are a little wonky and lumpy but I think with practice they will be fine. 

When I look back at my Last 30 days I see how active I was, thanks to my sister. Rita kept be moving and laughing. As a result I no longer struggle with going to sleep, I have ditched the sleeping pills, and I have more energy. 

How about you, do you get into slumps? How do you get out of them?


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