Saturday, May 14, 2016

Scrap Busting

Warning, this post is picture heavy. 

I have been scrap busting the last week and a half and have not made a dent. My Sister,  Cheryl brought me a large bag of scrapes she found at a thrift store and I wasn't able to use but half of them. I made snack mats and mug rugs out of them. Here is a few. Nothing fancy for sure. 

Something for dad on Father's Day

Something for Mom


The Woodworker or Farmer

The Patriot

The Beach Lover (That's Me)

My mom would have loved this one. Her favorite color was Pink.

I also made a Red and blue flannel toddler quilt that has been in my UFO pile. The red faded all over the lighter colors and I have not been able to get it out. 

I did have enough of the light blue backing to make an infant rag quilt so all is not lost.

Finally I decided to make an Independance Day pillow cover. The fabric is tea stained and has sparkles all over it. I now have sparkles all over most of my cutting area, ugh.

I decided two things that I am rethinking. 
1. I used spray basting.  
2. I would hand quilt it. 

The spray basting made the already stiff fabric stiffer and I am struggling to get the needle through the fabric and batting. And, I am only able to do one or two stitches at a time, mostly one. So, I am seriously thinking of changing  over to machine quilting this cover. I also came to the decision that I will not use that basting spray on anything I plan to hand quilt. 

Have you used basting spray on your quilts? Did you like it? 

Thought I would through in a trivia question just for fun.

Do you know what this is? I found it weeding my flower bed.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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