Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Experiments and Independence

These Last two weeks I have been a busy beaver and not all of it has been fun. 
Fun, Experimenting with tree placement on my Winter door Hanging.

 I settled on this one. I am not much for symmetry.

And working with my new bird fabric.

Not so fun, experimenting with different styles of lavender sachet designs 

and finding out you are allergic to the dried buds. :(

Now what do I do with this giant bag of lavender buds? 

Finally, the icing on the cake was making these placemats for a customer.

I have put at least a hundred bindings on by hand with no problems but for some reason I could not get the corners to lay properly on these. By the time I ripped off six bindings my deadline was less than a day away and there was no way I was going to finish these with hand binding. Solution? Youtube video on machine binding. I watched Missouri Star's video on machine binding a couple times and finally finished them. I do not see placemats in my near future again.

The final project was opening a gallery on a new selling site, ArtYah. Etsy has gotten so over crowded with sellers and their buyers have dropped by 14%. This led me to think I needed to move some of my eggs to another basket. I am praying the Artyah basket is a good thing.  You can check out my gallery here


  1. What a shame to find out that you are allergic to lavender - I love it myself. You will have to donate your big bag of lavender to a friend or two, most people love it.

  2. Just found you through Crazy Mom Quilts and enjoyed reading some of your other posts. What a great sister to scout out fabric finds for you! And your description of losing instructions made me laugh. We are kindred spirits!