Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Creative Explotion

My creative flow is still moving fast, In fact it is exploding! I need to stay off Youtube, LOL It is all I can do to resist buying new supplies. While reasearching mixed media fabric art I found hundreds, if not thousands of mixed media art journal videoes. Yesterday I decided to drag out the container with all my art supplies from my painting days.

I wanted to at least inventory what I had and see if the paints were dried out. Only one bottle had dried out. Yippee. I had 30 minutes before leaving for my quilt guild meeting so decided to finger paint with the acrylics. This was the result.

Nice start for a background. I haven.t decided how to use it or which way to turn it. It kind of looks like the ocean on top or It could be a cloudy sky. 
What do you think?

I started a Fall Table Runner to put in my shops. 

Finished quilting and embroidering This Fall mini quilt. I want to add two wood buttons to that white piece of fabric but I do not have any. Guess I will buy some on payday. Everything on this mini quilt is hand done. Cutting, quilting, embroidery all by hand. 

I am adding this to the back of the mini quilt to help it hold its shape for hanging or sitting on a display holder. I forgot the name of it and didn't keep the package. It irons on both sides.

And last but not least is the Winter hanging quilt. I quilted the snow in a wavy pattern by hand and started quilting the house using embroidery floss to give the illusion of wood slats, and to cover a boo boo. Don't tell. 

To further enable my creative explosion my guild had a guest presenter. Guess what she does. Yup Mixed Media Art quilts. Her name is 
Michele Sanandajian. Wow such a talented artist. I have already signed up for a class presented by her at Quilfest Orlando in January 2017. 

That is my September so far. How about you? What has your creative voice had you doing this month? Please share, I enjoy and am inspired by your talents. If you have a blog send me the address, I would love to visit.

Until next time, let go and create!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Busy, Busy

Wow I have been busy this month of September!
I made Christmas tags,

finished an orphan block I turned into a candle mat,

Made some bowl cozies for the shop,

Cleaned my guest room/

Quilt Studio in preparation to list my condo,

Made a simple Fall table runner and ...

Halloween table runners and toilet tank toppers.

Worked more on adding texture to my Winter Quilt and began quilting it.

Made more gift tags. These are fun to make, they make me smile. ;)

If that wasn't enough to keep me busy, I decided to learn mixed media fabric collage art.

I know I am crazy but for some reason my creative side has just exploded. I have so many ideas I do not have enough time.

I have also been scouring Pinterest and You Tube for mixed media art lessons using paint, beads, paper and other stuff. Good thing I can't afford the supplies or I would never sleep. LOL

How is your creative side doing?

Thanks for stopping by. If you have time leave me a comment, I love hearing from you.


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